Thursday 5 June 2014

Cider/Perry of the Festival; Southampton Beer Festival 2014

It is my great pleasure to announce that Hampshire Perry won the Cider/Perry of the Festival at the 2014 Southampton Beer Festival. A fifth award in 2014... and for the perry too!!! I cannot say how pleased I am to win Southampton Beer Festival once again!!

Probably the most important accolades that a cider maker can win are from local events. For me, that would be Southampton and Winchester; both CAMRA festivals that are voted for by the drinkers themselves. And this year I have collected them all. Result.

I am especially pleased because I was involved in the choice of ciders for Southampton and I made very sure it was the best choice of cider and perry the UK has to offer. This is because I like drinking really good cider and, well, if you can choose what you are drinking why not go for the best... I gave no thought to winning something myself. Though I confess to coveting the award just a little bit.

Thank you to all who voted for it at the festival!

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