Wednesday 2 May 2012

New outlet... Romsey Beer Emporium

My failure to control my cider stock last year meant that it didn't quite go as far as I had hoped it would. One of the things I missed out on then was to support (well, supply is probably the more honest word) the new Romsey Beer Emporium.

Well, all that is now corrected and I am very pleased to announce that 146 Cider Co. will be adding this fine shop to the list of outlets to start the 2012 cider season. Initially, they will be selling Hampshire Heritage and Eastern Delight in 500ml bottles - so I encourage any cider drinkers locally to support this shop (if anyone is willing to carry on selling traditional ales and ciders despite this governments best efforts to kill the industry then they deserve all our support!)

I have added them to the list of outlets on the 146 Cider website and lets hope its a growing relationship. They join the other two outlets for bottles of Bitter Virtue and Southwick Brewhouse and now means that 146 Cider can be obtained from the west to the east of Southampton.