Thursday 14 July 2011

A lot of cider to 'bag up'...

The end of this week sees the Guildford Cricket Club Festival in full swing - with a good dose of all three 146 Ciders on tap. Whilst its great that drinkers will be able to try all of the range, I believe there is going to be more than just 146 and Mr Whitehears this year - so the variety is going to be good.

To add to that, 146 Cider is now supplying cider for the Concorde Club Jazz and Ale Festival. As its less than 5 miles from 146, its a great venue to be supplying - and as a posh private members club it can only be good for the ciders image. Maybe I need a posher label:-)

Apart from these events, things are going steadily at the moment. Yet another retailer in Southwick (a hat-trick?) has expressed an interest in selling the bottles, so watch this space. Lets hope all three can order at the same time!!

Finally, and its a little early doors for this still, watch out for the Fruitwise Apple Day event in October this year. Its going to be a bit folksy - not to mention appley and cidery! I have offered to run the bar for it, so there will be stacks of 146 Cider present - and we will certainly have the odd beer or two to sit alongside it. One for the diaries I think.