Sunday 9 October 2011

I know... its been a while

Blogging about cider making is a funny ol' business. When things are quiet and there is lots of time to post info about things, there's not much to say. When things are full flow and there are stacks of things, no time at all.

This year has not been helpted much by a rather nice lady who wasn't looking where she was going and wiped the front of the van off a week or two back. However, its now fixed and hopefully things can return to normal - albeit 2 weeks behind schedule.

The apples from Fruitwise are both excellent and in vast abundance this year. So Hampshire Heritage should be taken care of nicely. I have high hopes for it. Having said that, I have yet to collect even a single apple from Strongs - though I have 4 tons booked to press. Hmmmm!

I have another Hampshire supplier too now, being Hill Farm in Swanmore. I have roughly signed up for a couple of tons of Russets and Cox's to add in to Eastern Delight. At writing I have no idea of quality, but I have it on very good authority that they make good juicers, so that is a good start!

Other news is that the Voran is installed (though yet to be used in anger). The tanks are also in - albeit with rather tiny airlocks due to the height between the top of the tanks and the roof of the Cider Garage! We shall see how quickly the airlocks dry up but it could be an interesting diversion!!!

So, are we on for 5-6000 litres? Who knows. I will give it my best. However, at this point I have a lot of catching up to do!