Friday 5 August 2011

Eh... where has it all gone???

Last year, when 146 Cider started, I made 800 litres or so of a single blend of cider. It lasted through to about October, with orders for a couple of festivals that enabled me to supply through to the New Year.

For this year, to make my life easier, I thought I would make 2500 litres of three blends. Surely it would last longer, ensure a more continual supply to those regular outlets that buy my cider. Pah. What-a-mistaka-to-make-a!!

I am sorry to say that orders for the 2010 cider are done. There is no more available I am afraid. Hampshire Heritage sold out recently, with the Great British Beer Festival taking 70 odd litres. And now, with a couple of final orders for Wild West, that has gone too.

Its not all glum though, as I have got orders for cider going right the way through to next March. I will make sure that the events calander is up to scratch, and there are a number of festivals in there. In fact, if you look in the cider garage, there is still 3-400 litres of cider. Its just that it is all committed.

Next year, there are plans afoot to produce 5000 litres plus. But more on that closer to the pressing season.