Monday 31 December 2012

Pressing on...

I have been just a little bit rubbish at keeping this up to date recently. Mostly its been due to the need to press and get this season out of the way. So, to rectify this, I thought I would write a summary of where 146 Cider is at the end of 2012.

Gathering Fruit for 2013 Hampshire Heritage
Bad news first; Wild West and Hampshire Heritage are both sold out. Well, at least they lasted a little longer than last year! You may still be able to get some bottles from some of the outlets (see my website - and there is always the Gosport Winterfest and Winchester Beer Festival where I have saved some of each.

Better is that there is still plenty of Eastern Delight left. I think it was over compensation for having made so little of it for 2011!

Each year, I try to grow the number of outlets a little at a time to ensure supply lasts longer than just a couple of months. As this season closes, I can confirm that the National Trust in Hampshire has selected 146 Cider Co. to supply bottled ciders for their Hampshire houses (well, the gift shops). In addition, I am also talking to another group of historic houses and a posh hotel too... lets see where that takes us!

Production has yet again increased by some 80% and is currently expected to be 6,500 litres for 2013. I say expected as I have yet to finish - with about 1.5 tons of apples to press. This means that there will be plenty of all three blends... plus there is a 4th blend, a variation of a blend and some special bottled ciders all fermenting to be ready for next May/June.

The problem is that the cider garage at 146 Cider has a maximum capacity of about 7,000 litres. So, the lovely people at Fruitwise (where all Hampshire Heritage fruit comes from) are in the process of constructing a new 'cider shed'. I only expect to store things here as opposed to working from it. However, next year it will really come into its own by allowing me a little more time before having to buy or rent a property for 146 Cider.

During this Christmas period, I have used the down time to update the website - updating a few things as well as constructing a new image gallery which now contains photo's from throughout the commercial journey of 146 Cider (and before). My hope is that is adds another layer of transparency about what I do and what is involved in making these drinks.

So, Have a wonderful New Year and I hope you enjoy any ciders that you have to hand! I will do my best to keep this blog going (though it will not be a New Years Resolution... I am not good at keeping those!)