Thursday 15 May 2014

More awards...

I wondered whether to list all of the events that are coming up for 146 over the next month. However, having spent a lot of time reworking the website there is an events calendar - so hopefully I get to blog about it less (not that this blog has been faithfully or reliably updated so far:-)

My bad!

What I would like to do is to brag about my newest, greenest award. Once again, the bottle fermented Hampshire Heritage has won a prize at the Big Apple Cider Trials in Putley, Herefordshire. This time it is a third place.

Whilst 'award winning' cider producers are two a penny these days - and 3rd place isn't exactly winning - it IS a useful measure that the standards are being upheld or even improved... and that is good for reputation and the drinker. After all, I want to continue to grow 146 Cider and the only way to do it is in a way that ensures quality and standards are kept as 'the same' as I possibly can!

So - 3rd out of 18 bottle conditioned ciders isn't bad... it will be available to buy this year too (though in limited numbers!!!) Look out for OneFourSix Reserve!!

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