Thursday 3 April 2014

Another win at Winchester for Eastern Delight...

I really love this cider thing. There is always a chance to meet new people and there is always an excuse to have fun. The 2014 Winchester Ale and Cider Festival was just - and working on the bar was a great deal of fun.

And because of this, it is even more satisfying that 146 Cider was awarded the Gold Medal, for the second time, for Eastern Delight. And to make things even better, the Medium cider (yeah, its simply called medium) won the Silver Medal... so a 1st and a 2nd for the local cider.

I will update with suitably crowing photos of the awards when I get them, but needless to say my head is quite large at the moment:-) And excellent way to start 2014!!

In other news...

It is also worth letting you know that 146 Cider can now be found in draught at Ebeneezers pub in Hythe... and in bottle form at the Butchers Hook micropub in Bitterne Triangle. I will get them onto the website as soon as I have a second.

I really hope it goes well at these pubs as I would love to have a couple of regular local pubs that I could point people to. I am not especially paranoid, but previously I did get the feeling that I had a 'shadow' when trying to get in to any pub in Southampton... it seemed I would supply and then, oddly, a 'certain' company who appear to rebadge ciders would come in a lot cheaper. Lets hope their local salesperson has matured a little and leaves enough space for more than one cider company - after all, its not as if they make the stuff (possibly) - and selling cider shouldn't be [puns relating to other company cider pun names removed]

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