Thursday 30 May 2013

Big Apple CIder Trials 2013... another win for 146 Cider

Earlier this month, the annual Big Apple Cider Trials were held at Putley in Herefordshire. This is one of the nicest, friendliest competitions in the cider calendar each year (although being the fourth year of entry, I was keen to take it seriously and *try* to bring home a piece of paper.

And it is with great pleasure that I can say we have achieved that. A first place too! For Hampshire Heritage Vintage which won first place in the Bottle Fermented Cider class. I am very happy about this - the class is hotly contested with some of the best cider makers in the UK (if not the world) entering, so it is very good to be associated (in a tiny way) with them.

Hampshire Heritage Vintage is a 'Traditional method' cider. I could call it 'Methode Champenoise'... no, wait, I couldnt. It isnt from France and it isn't wine! However, it is a fully fermented Hampshire Heritage that is then layed down in a punted bottle to condition for a number of months with a charge of champagne yeast and additional sugar. Once it has finished its new fermentation in bottle, the yeast is riddled (caught in the neck of the bottle) and then disgorged (ejected). This creates a highly sparkling and clear cider that is mature and full of intense flavours.

Sadly, there were only 25 bottles of this for 2013. Perhaps next year I will make more:-)

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