Tuesday 22 January 2013

It's Snow Joke!

As it was so pretty, but blooming cold, I figured I would take some pictured of my final day of pressing to show off on here. The images will also be available through the website gallery that I spent so long over Christmas on (whilst unable to press apples through being at the in-laws)

This last batch were the very late Fruitwise stored dessert fruit. These were picked for market but unsold – I normally get them as the very last apples to press, they are very well bletted (soft) and provide a welcome break to the grubby cider fruit I had spent the previous month working my way through. These will go into Hampshire Heritage to balance the blend to 50/50.

Fortunately the hosepipe didn't freeze... to much!
Ice Racks
Pressing went on!

The last apples. This isn't how they are normally stored!

"Would you like ice in your cider?" - I guess the washing water was cold!

Pretty, but tricky!


  1. Should make some great Cider, reminds me of 2010 scratting completely frozen apples.

  2. I have never pressed this late before Tim - though I remember everything stopping in 2010... don't think it started again until about March!!