Saturday, 24 November 2012

How much apple would you like in your cider?

Cider friend, Nooks Yard has set up a simple question for cider lovers to answer: how much juice do you think there should be in cider?

The question is straight forward, but think of the implications. The regulations from HMRC state that cider is cider with a juice content of some 35%. The Cider Workshop's mission statement suggests 85% upwards should be regarded as craft/real/traditional cider. CAMRA are a little... well, a lot more vague on the whole.

Anyway - here is the link:

The more responses, the more useful the information may be.

Oh, and its worth noting that 146 Ciders are 98%+ juice (146 sourced and pressed apple juice). Just saying:-)


  1. 35% of apples in a 'cider' is ridiculous. It's getting worse than the sausage.

  2. I think the reason for 35% is that the main brands (ergo lobbies) are around that percentage.

    It could easily be doubled!!!