Tuesday 6 March 2012

41 and counting...

OK - I was 41 on Sunday. So. It happens to most of us and is better than the alternative. But what do you get for a 41 year old that has a passion for apples and who is trying to 'expand' (and having recently given up smoking I do mean that literally as well as figuratively!!).

So here, for your delictation and delight we have the JShip Packing Scales for bag in box filling exactness. To those who also have the 'apple' passion, please avert your eyes now:

I should also say to those customers who have had bag in boxes from me in the past - please don't worry, I always went over the limit for your bag in boxes. Sadly, these new scales means that you will get a bit less 'cos I can now be much more accurate.

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