Monday 21 June 2010

Outlets for 146 - update

Following a very successful debut at the Southampton Beer Festival, I am very pleased to say that 146 has now going to be available in a pub AND a shop... so you can buy a pint of 146 on draught, and then buy it in a bottle!!

So, who are these people willing to take a punt on a new product? Well, first off, The Florence Arms – possibly the best (if not, certainly one of them) cider house in Hampshire. The ‘Flo’ is a pub in Southsea (click here for a location) which serves rather a lot of cider. They have a whole range of the regulars (Koppaburg, Bulmers, Westons etc.) but also pride themselves on serving full juice ciders too. Whiteheads is readily available, for example... And now 146 is also represented! It will be available on draught (bag in box), so I am very interested to see how it does - and whether it becomes a regular there or just an occasional?!?

And for the shop? Surprisingly its a brewery shop – the Oakleaf Brewing Co. Shop in Gosport to be exact (again, click here for a location). They will be selling 146 in 500ml bottles. Another one to keep an eye on!

So far, home town Southampton is still ‘in the process’. I would like to think that I can get to supply a retailer and a pub here too – not just because its easy to get to, but because I want to have local outlets (and as Southampton and Portsmouth are my 'local' towns so the ideal places to sell it...) – I have no real interest or sufficient cider to go further afield at the moment, with the exception of a few beer festivals I'd like to be involved in. Needless to say, I have created an outlets page, so you can keep tabs on the movement of 146 Cider there.

Happy days!

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