Saturday 16 February 2013

New outlets for Hampshire cider...

First of all the sad news: All 2012 ciders are now sold out. I am actually rather impressed that I managed to eek it out for this long. The good news is that its only a couple of months before the new cider is ready to go, although I won't be selling it until it's ready.

And so, at this odd time of year to be getting new outlets, I am very pleased to announce a couple of new locations to get hold of 146 ciders.

The first location I should have already mentioned by now is Mottisfont Abbey, near to Romsey. Having had a great event at the Vyne last year (I hope to be doing that again this year!) the National Trust got me to jump through the hoops and I am now able to supply the Hampshire sites with Hampshire cider. OK, the hoops weren't actually that demanding, but Mottisfont is the first of the houses to take 146 ciders... and I hope this can continue and expand in the new season (I am, after all, getting a lot more bottles in for them:-)

Another location that started taking bottles is the Booze Shack, in Shirley, Southampton. A relatively now business, they appear to have quite a few local ales on as well. It is lovely to be growing business so locally as this is my goal for 146 Cider Co.

Finally, the most recent addition to outlets for the cider is Limewood, near to Lyndhurst in the New Forest. A boutique hotel, Limewood aim to sell quality, locally produced food and drink... so it's really great to be a part of that. Currently, they have Eastern Delight in bottles, although with the new season that will hopefully broaden to include the others as well.

All these locations are/will be up on the website shortly. It would be nice to secure a couple of regular pubs around Southampton in 2013 too - though I do get that they are having a hard time of things at the moment!

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