Monday 11 February 2013

Extra 146 Storage...

It is finished. As you will see from the snowy pressing picture, the 146 cider garage is all but overflowing with juice – with not much room for anything else. And there is a lot to happen – bottling, storage etc. So, last year Fruitwise agreed to build a new shed on the orchard as a storage place for 146 cider. And it is now complete:

It is an exciting development for 146 – not least because Stephen and Julia of Fruitwise are such lovely people – but because I now have the one thing that I had run out of – space to develop the company.

For this year, it will act as a cupboard of sorts – empty barrels and bottles. The aim is to store some of the larger barrels there (not easy to move, let alone nick!) which frees room in the cider garage for full bottles etc.

Next year it will come into its own – as I can press to my hearts content knowing that I have sufficient space to put it.

If the business plan continues to travel in the direction planned, I anticipate outgrowing both garage and shed in around 3-5 years – but by then of course I hope to have help and sufficient turnover to pay for something bigger.

Exciting stuff!!!

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