Friday 27 April 2012

New Outlet... The Rockstone

So, although I have increased probuction this year by 80%, I am keen to bring 146 Cider back towards Southampton without increasing distribution outlets too much. One of my regrets of last year is that everything just disappeared too quickly - and that I had allowed distribution to grow where ever it may be found (though I am ever thankful for the support everyone of everyone who has sold 146 ciders).

The Rockstone describes itself as not your typical city centre pub - a warm comfortable place to eat drink and relax, to transport you from the hustle and bustle of the city to a country pub full of conversation, hearty food and fine ales. Not only that, but its a pub that loves it's ciders too!

I am very pleased that a pub in Southampton has started to sell 146 cider. Not only that, but it will be selling all three blends of 146 cider. I have produced some shiny new pump clips and invested in the conversion thingy's and have to say it does all look rather satisfying to say the least.

So, if you want draught Hampshire Heritage, Wild West or Eastern Delight in Southampton, The Rockstone has now become the place to go...

My hope is that this continues throughout the year to become 'the' 146 Cider beacon in Southampton. Going by the feedback I recieved following last years Southampton Beer and Cider Festival, it will be a nice place to point out to people when they ask me where to get hold of my ciders.

As usual, The Rockstone will be added to the outlets page of my website.

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