Friday 16 March 2012

Introducing the future of Bag in Box technology...

Ladies and Gentlemen. For your delictation and endulgance I give you the latest development in Bag in the Box technology..... The Bag in.... ummm, nothing. The BAG (ladies and gentlemen:-)

Should have drawn faces on them... note the bowling ball handle

No, its no illusion. this is a bag. it is standing up all on its own without the aid of mirrors or, well, a box.

Its actually a three litre, triple thickness bag which is literally a carry out. I saw them when doing the usual order for the start of the season and wanted to give them a try to see if they are a good idea. And, owing to the fact that I have a number of South Hants CAMRA people due a small amount of the cyser (honey cider to the oiks) I made but cannot sell without attracting masses of duty, I figured I had an audience to try it on.

Note to said CAMRA people. Could you let me know how you get on with it:-)

What are the benefits? Well, cheap (definitely) and environmentally sound (possibly). Easy to dispose of and even carry (although carry too many and watch the plastic finger holes slice each of your fingers off like a mini guillotine:-).

Why did we ever need a box? The answer to this lies in the use of said bag. The bag is very frustrating to fill and even more hassle to seal after filling. And, although Mr and Mrs (and Ms) Trading Standards expect a full measure, it is very difficult to achieve all of the 3 litres; impossible without spillage and/or divising some contraption to hold the bag upright. Oh, wait... yes. The contraption I eventually used was (wait for it) a box!!!

Full circle.

In conclusion. They are neat - easy to move around but a bugger to fill and seal. I reserve judgement on what they are like to use and how well they store cider. I have a bag made up that I will store for a month or two now... now that is what I call consumer testing:-)

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