Tuesday 29 June 2010

Family Fun, Food and Real Ale Festival - Gunwharf Quays Festival

Things are warming up around here... quite literally too. It was good to get down to the Fruitwise orchard yesterday to talk apples, cider and the state of the country with Stephen. The crop is looking good for this year (once again). Such a big part of making 146 Cider is a result of the care and passion that Stephen and Julia have for their orchard, and this shows in the quality of the fruit that comes my way.

Have been bottling (well, bag in boxing) once again. This time for the Beer Festival at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth [click for details]. I understand that there are going to be 6 ciders available there – I suspect that there will be a good amount of Whiteheads too, though I hope that New Forest Cider will be represented.

This is the second festival 146 has been involved in now. With the 20 litre bag in boxes, I am much more happy this time. The cider will keep much better than in a keg, where the air gets in as the first pint is drawn – BiB’s simply collapse as cider is drawn.

The only thing left to sort out for it are the labels! Following a discussion on The Cider Workshop, I need to ensure that the labels comply with the relevant UK regulations. So, from now on will be putting a ‘batch number’ instead of a ‘bottling date’ on the front of the label. Also, the 12 month BBE was too restrictive (I was being over cautious) as cider generally lasts for 2 years plus when bottled well. However, as the bags in bag in boxes are plastic, these need to have a limited shelf life (hence I will only do these to order – just to ensure maximum drinking time).

Its not all fun and games selling cider you know!

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